A Jot of Blood now live on Amazon

A Jot of Blood is now available for purchase on Amazon! Woot! That's two days earlier than I'd announced, but better to be early than late, right? (The print version is coming in the next few days.)


As I write this, the Kobo version is listed as a pre-order and should go live this Friday. We've also submitted to Barnes and Noble and hope to see the Nook version lighting up in the next day or so. Apple, as usual, has the most labor intensive process, requiring my husband to jump through all kinds of hoops to get the ebook formatted to their exact specifications. That one was just submitted a few minutes ago (after a fair number of profanity-laced rants on Hubby's part). Whew!

Bottom line: Keep your eyes peeled at your favored retailer!

This book was a labor of love and hands-down my favorite Lire story so far. I had so much fun imagining the characters at Coventry Academy, especially Lire's friends. Zach is … well, Zach. You'll see! If you guys enjoy their adventures even half as much as I enjoyed writing them, I'll be riding high.

Let me know what you think, okay? My greatest hope is that you like it enough to spread the word!

All the best!