1995 Paranormal Rights Act

The landmark civil rights legislation in the United States that outlaws major forms of discrimination against magically inclined or cursed individuals.


A sidhe who has the ability to create and manage portals between worlds.


Silven (also Anglo-Saxon) term for a prince or heir apparent.


Silven term for an ambassador.


Silven term for an individual capable of reading auras; an aura reader.


Silven sobriquet for the prophesied world-straddling adept who will be mated to the ruler responsible for unifying the sidhe's fractured populace. Translated, it means 'the one.'

Arcane Council

Ruling body for all magic users (both witchcraft and sorcery) in the United States.

The Between

The vast inter-dimensional nexus where the essence of every unique life force, from any one of an infinite number of worlds, intersects. Also known as Purgatory.


Sobriquet that means 'little fire' in Silven.


The object which binds, and therefore controls, the soul of each member of the Wuldrífan. In Silven, it means 'perennial collar.'


In English vernacular, refers to a diminutive, roughly humanoid race from the Otherworld. Often mistaken for a hobgoblin, they are smaller, less hairy, and do not typically indulge in practical jokes. They have been known to inhabit human homes and perform household tasks in exchange for small gifts of food. Bread (especially brioche) and honey are said to be particular favorites. They work only at night and do not like to be seen. Of all the fae, brownies have been the most eager to reside permanently on Earth.


Silven name for Yosemite National Park in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains.

Circle of power

A ritually defined space, usually sealed with blood, used in spellcasting to control the flow of magic (and/or physical access) within its boundaries. See summoner, ward.


A mind psychic who can read the memories associated with an object (or person) through direct physical contact.

Clean room

An enclosed space that is completely psi-free, often within the confines of a psychiatric hospital.

The Compact

The ancient peace accord between King Faonaín, the amhaín, and the telepaths of Invisius Verso, which brought an end to the sidhe's civil war. The covenant curtails King Faonaín's efforts to exterminate the human race.


An exclusive group of individuals with shared interests or tastes. A witchcraft coven is a type of coterie. The king's part-blood subjects on Earth are organized into coteries, typically one or two for every major urban center throughout his territories.

Coventry Academy

The private elementary, middle, and high school, located in Coventry, WA, dedicated to the education of children capable of spellcasting, possessing a psychic ability, or cursed by magic, including those affected by the strigoi curse (vampirism) and therianthropy.

Coventry Hospital

The hospital, located in Coventry, WA, that specializes in the care of those gifted with psychic or magic powers or individuals suffering from magic related injuries or curses.


Silven name for the River Styx. See Nàsaig.


An individual who is capable of siphoning ambient heat from the atmosphere or other physical objects. Also known as an icemaker.


Silven term for an individual capable of sidestepping between worlds. Translated, it means 'world walker.'


An enchantment that, by its very nature, imparts both positive and negative affects on an individual, location, or object. When applied to an individual, a curse is often (but not always) hereditary or transmittable via body fluids. Of all curses, therianthropy and the strigoi curse are perhaps the most well-known.

Daoine Sídhe

See sidhe.

Dark Arts

A field of magic dealing with death and darkness. Spellcasters capable of such magic are often mistakenly labeled as evil or in league with the devil.

Department of Paranormal Affairs

United States governmental agency created to oversee all citizens possessing magical abilities. Until it was declared unconstitutional twenty-five years ago, their ID program required the registration, tattooing, and tracking of all psychics, magic users, and cursed individuals from their birth (or manifestation date). The Magic User Registration Bill, if passed, threatens to restore some of these practices.


Silven term for a human possessing the strigoi curse; a vampire.


An individual with the gift of precognition, the ability to foresee the future. Also known as oracle, seer, or prophesier.


A spirit-like entity that inhabits a world beyond the dimensions of Earth. Also known as jinn, genie, or jinnī. They can be physical or incorporeal in nature and are known shape-shifters. In their dealings with humankind, they are most often neutral, neither good nor bad, typically practicing noninterference in human matters unless bound by blood compact. Other than their ability to transform and hold any physical shape, it is said they have the ability to move between dimensions and travel great distances at extreme speeds. The full extent of their power is unknown.


Title given to the ruler of the United Convocation of Strigoi (vampires).


A sidhe magic item that, when used, forges a temporary gateway to the Otherworld.

Elder race

A class of humanoid beings that existed before modern humans.


In English vernacular, a term that refers to a sidhe, popularized by J. R. R. Tolkien in his high-fantasy books. Because 'elf' has, in the distant past, been used to describe invisible demonic beings and other unsavory (and often fictional) creatures, it isn't a term the sidhe favor.


English vernacular title given to King Faonaín's representatives who provide a means of communication between the sidhe ruler and his Earth-bound subjects. An emissary is typically a part-blood (or less commonly a human) who is soulbound to a sidhe within the king's retinue. The emissary and his/her mate communicate telepathically through their joined souls. One remains in the Otherworld and the other on Earth. See liaison.


A sidhe confinement or prison in which the cell or extended area is imbued to disrupt all spellcasting.


An individual's life-force, their soul.


In English vernacular, a term that refers to the many unique beings and creatures that inhabit the Otherworld.


In English vernacular, a term for the Otherworld.


In English vernacular, an alternate term for fae that has come to be associated with the fictionalized versions of Otherworld creatures found in European folklore.


In English vernacular, often used as a derogatory term for the Otherworld.


See pyrokinetic.


Silven (also Irish) term for a prince.

Flight 208

The plane crash that was caused by a terrorist wielding an object enchanted with an inferno spell.


A magical conduit, or portal, large enough to provide physical transport from one place to another, often between dimensions or worlds.


A magically enforced prohibition (similar to a curse but without the required positive/negative interdependency), which imposes a certain behavior upon its subject. A geas is either compulsory or voluntary. If compulsory, the subject is physically incapable of violating the geas. If the geas is voluntary, violation of the designated stricture may result in dishonor, physical or mental duress, or, in extreme cases, death.


In English vernacular, a term that refers to a class of spells innate among the sidhe, which can be used to deceive, lure, or otherwise charm humans and other creatures.


A member of the Glindarian witchcraft sect.


A magical being created from inanimate matter that possesses limited intelligence and typically requires the continued direction of its creator in order to function.


In English vernacular, a term that refers to a diminutive, roughly humanoid race from the Otherworld who are known to be friendly but, more often than not, troublesome. They are prone to practical jokes and fond of living in human homes, helping with small household tasks in return for food. Unlike their smaller cousin, the brownie, hobgoblins are shape-shifters and quick to take offense at any perceived slight.


See cryokinetic.


Title given to the ruler of the North American Rout (werewolves).

Invisius Verso

A secret organization of telepaths and divinors. Its name means 'unseen influence' in Latin.


In English vernacular, a term that refers to a diminutive, humanoid race from the Otherworld who are known for their skill in shoemaking and leatherworking. They are unrivaled in their ability to evade and escape capture, often by shape-shifting, but in the event they are apprehended, will grant a favor in exchange for release. Like brownies, they are content to reside permanently on Earth.


The act of moving objects without interacting with them physically. See telekinesis.


English vernacular title given to the amhaín's representatives who provide a means of communication between the sidhe ruler and her Earth-bound subjects. A liaison is typically a part-blood (or less commonly a human) who is soulbound to a sidhe within the queen's retinue. The liaison and his/her mate communicate telepathically through their joined souls. See emissary.


A term used to describe the human to wolf transformation curse. See therianthropy.

Mage, Magic User, Magus

Terms used to describe an individual with the ability to cast spells. (Generally not used to describe an individual possessing a psychic power.)


A term (often derogatory) that refers to an individual who fears, distrusts, or condemns magic and those who are capable of magic.

Magically Induced Regeneration

Magical healing process in which tissue from a live donor is used to replenish missing tissue in a victim's injury or missing limb. Also known as MIR.

Magic Reservations

Government owned compounds dedicated to the care and rearing of state adopted youngsters who are spellcasters, gifted with a psychic ability, or cursed.

Magic User Registration Bill

A United States bill, which, if passed into law, would require all magic users, psychics, and cursed individuals to register with the government.


Someone who does parlor tricks. Not a true magic user.

Master of the Hunt

Leader of the Wuldrífan.


Silven term for someone who is bound to another individual by means of a mutual blood covenant.


See Magically Induced Regeneration.


Silven term for the border of land between the living and the dead, the forsaken shore along the river Crònathir (the River Styx).


A sorcerer with power over the dead.


Silven term for the Between.


An individual who possesses no magical ability.

North American Rout

The official organization of werewolves in the United States and Canada.


See divinor.


The world where the fae reside. Also known as Faerie.


The physiological damage caused by burning through more magic than a person's body can tolerate.


The act of readying more potential in one's core than necessary prior to casting a spell. Similar to topping off (overfilling) a car's gas tank.

Paranormal Help Network

A non-profit organization devoted to providing support services to families of the magically gifted.

Paranormal Regulatory Commission

An international organization of psychics that governs the conduct of the psychic community.


A human with sidhe ancestry, usually having one sidhe parent.

Peabody's Beans

Coffee shop owned by Julie and Steven Peabody specializing in psi-free coffee, beverages, pastries, etc.


In English vernacular, refers to a diminutive, humanoid race from the Otherworld who are endearingly childlike and benign in character. They live in large clans, are tremendously fond of music and dancing, and often partake in mischievous but harmless pranks.


A magical conduit, most often forged during a summoning, that connects two different locations, providing access to another dimension or world. A portal may or may not be large enough for physical transport. See gateway.


A prediction of the future.


See divinor.


Term used to describe something that is free of life-essence contamination, untouched by humans or animals.


An area within a hospital that specializes in the care of those gifted with psychic or magic powers or individuals suffering from magic related injuries or curses.

Psychic Shield

The mental shield fortified by magic that all clairvoyants and telepaths use to control the inflow of thoughts and memories into their own minds.


An individual gifted with a mind power, either telekinesis, pyrokinesis, cryokinesis, divination, truthsaying, or clairvoyance. Sensitives are also sometimes psychic.

Puget Pacific Towers

Office building in downtown Seattle where Sotheby's is located. Across the street and a block away from Peabody's Beans.


See the Between.


An individual who is capable of generating ambient heat. Also known as a firestarter.


A sidhe magic item that, when used, forges a temporary portal between two individuals.


A member of the Rowan witchcraft sect.


A stone marked with a runic inscription, often used in witchcraft to focus and enhance the magus' spellcasting.


Seattle Art Museum.


Silven term for 'servant.'


Supernatural Crime Unit.


See divinor.


An individual who can detect (and often identify) specific types of magic and/or individual spells.


A being that can change its shape and hold its new form, either by virtue of magic or a curse. A werewolf is a type of shape-shifter.


The act of moving a person or object to another dimension.


An elder race that is arguably the most humanoid of all the magical beings that inhabit the Otherworld. The sidhe are known by other sobriquets—aos sí, aes sídhe, daoine sídhe, daoine síth, and (perhaps least liked by the creatures themselves) fairy and elf. Humans who are reluctant to name them directly often refer to them as 'the good neighbors,' 'the fair folk,' or 'people of the mounds.' Their Earth-bound gateways are typically encapsulated by a mound of earth or encircled by stones or mushrooms.


The language of the sidhe.


Silven title for an individual who is responsible for tracking down or monitoring a particular person or group of individuals; a tracker.


A thin bodysuit crafted from psi-free, moisture-repelling fabric, used to prevent contact between a clairvoyant and other individuals or objects.


A magus who uses gestures for casting spells, they are typically restricted to a certain field of magic.


Spellcasting performed by a sorcerer or sorceress.


A derogatory term often applied to magi-phobic individuals, especially those in judicial or law enforcement positions.


An individual affected by the strigoi curse; a vampire.

Strigoi Curse

The curse that causes vampirism. An individual afflicted by this curse is granted immortality, superior strength, and, in a limited fashion, the ability to shape-shift. Countering each of these boons is an equally powerful weakness. (This duality is the hallmark of all curses.) In the case of vampirism, the cursed individual's existence is restricted to the night—during daylight hours they are helpless and virtually comatose. To satisfy their thirst for sustenance, they must drink human blood. Precious metals cause great pain and weakness. The most powerful strigoi are almost always blessed with one additional gift that may or may not be offset by an additional weakness.


The river and adjoining shore that forms the boundary between the land of the living and the dead. According to legend, any being who enters the river's treacherous waters without sufferance is doomed to drown for all eternity. See Crònathir and Nàsaig.


A magic user capable of summoning a spirit being, usually from another dimension or universe, to a designated location, typically a circle of power.

Supernatural Talent and Company (ST&C)

Paranormal talent agency located in Seattle, owned by Jack Beaumont and Lire Devon.

Sylvan Haven

Term used by the sidhe to describe Earth. Translated it means 'treed haven.'


Silven term for 'second-in-command.'


A psychic capable of levitating an object. A type one telekinetic can move only inanimate objects, a type two can move only animate objects, a type three can move both animate and inanimate objects. See levitation.


A psychic capable of reading human thoughts without skin contact. Some (but not all) are capable of inserting memories into a human subject's mind. Fewer still are able to assume enough control to direct their human subject's actions.


Term used to describe the curse of human to animal transformation. An individual afflicted with this curse is granted the ability to transform into a particular animal. Only rigorous training and self-discipline allows the cursed individual to retain their human consciousness during transformation. Depending upon their skill, this transformation can take place at will, however, during nights of the full moon, the transformation is compulsory. See werewolf.

Thìr na Étail

Silven name for the Earth. Translated it means 'Land of Treasure.'

Thìr na Soréidh

The amhaín's sealed enclave within the Otherworld. Translated it means 'Land of Farewell.'

Threefold Principal

The belief that the energy a magic user (or psychic) dispenses, whether it be positive or negative, will be returned threefold. You reap what you sow.


A slang term for telekinesis. See levitation.


A surface-dwelling Otherworld beast.


A derogatory term for a clairvoyant.

True Name

A being's intrinsic name, one which is bound so closely that it's tied to their essence. When pronounced with intimate familiarity, it can be used in a ritual to summon the being between worlds.


A psychic who is capable of detecting whether a person is lying.

United Convocation of Strigoi

The international society of individuals affected by the strigoi curse.


A diminutive, roughly humanoid race from the Otherworld. Like the brownie, they are one of the few fae that thrive living on Earth, however, they are considerably less social and rarely provide their human neighbors with domestic help. On Earth, they live outdoors near streams and waterfalls.


An alternate term for 'strigoi,' one that is viewed as somewhat coarse by those affected by the strigoi curse.


A type of ensorcellment that regulates or prohibits magic or physical interactions that take place within its area of effect. Such spells are often (but not exclusively) used in conjunction with a magic circle or within the natural boundary provided by a dwelling's foundation.


A magus who can only employ spoken or chanted magic, they use runestones and/or other objects (such as wands) to power or strengthen their spells.


Someone who is cursed with therianthropy.

Which Witch

The paranormal talent agency owned by Judith Kitchell.

The Wild Hunt

See Wuldrífan.


In English vernacular, refers to a diminutive spirit-like being from the Otherworld, often seen glowing like a lantern at night, that are known to lead travelers astray.


Spoken or chanted magic.

The Wuldrífan

The sidhe's phantasmal, spectral hunting party, complete with horses and hounds, outfitted with the regalia of the chase and led by the Master of the Hunt. According to legend, the Wuldrífan is comprised of fallen sidhe who died fearlessly in battle. Their leader, the Master of the Hunt, heeds only the sidhe king or queen's command and is often depicted wearing a great horned helm. Also known as the Wild Hunt.


A human or animal corpse that has been raised from dead and animated by magical means.