Leave it to life's propensity for chaos (and an out-of-state move) to blow up the best laid plans. But, even though life keeps getting crazier and I'm still surrounded by boxes, I've been pushing forward on the Deadly Remains sequel.

Here's where things stand …

Last week, I locked down the last of my edits and sent the manuscript to my copyeditor— the final stage of the editing process. Over the weekend, my husband finished my e-book cover. I think it looks fantastic. Check it out—Deceiver's Bond!

cover-125x85-ebook (final)

So, now, we're getting down to the wire. A few more steps and we'll be ready to release it into the wild. When it comes back from the copyeditor, I'll fix all my stupid errors, and then my husband will convert and format the file for the e-book, layout the print version, and write the jacket copy. After jumping through half-a-dozen hoops and uttering a few choice curse words, he'll upload it for sale to each book seller's website (Amazon, B&N, Apple, and Kobo). Easy as you please, right? ;-)

A big 'thank you' to all of you who've taken the time to stop by my sadly neglected website to ask, 'When, oh when is it coming? Please, while I'm still young!'

I am relieved to finally say: Deceiver's Bond is coming very, very soon! Okay, yes, it's taken quite a bit longer than I intended, but every time I go through this process, I gain a tad more confidence, write a little faster, and learn more than enough to keep me feeling like a complete newb. That's okay, though. If I knew everything there was to know, life would be more boring than ironing socks.

Fingers crossed that you all decide it was worth the wait.

(And, for the record, I might not post regularly, but I do make time to respond to all your comments.)