Yes, I'm alive...and I have news!

If you’ve spent more than 30 seconds looking around my site, you’ll know that I’m not a blogger. Unfortunately, in the world of Kathy, blogging goes hand-in-hand with things like cleaning toilets and doing laundry—not on my list of favorites. You’d think writing is, well, writing. I’m an author. I enjoy putting words on the page, so I should love blogging. Um…not. I’m much more comfortable inhabiting the world of my imagination than telling people about my real life. My life isn’t anywhere near as exciting as the lives of my characters. Who really needs to know what my dog did yesterday? Or what delicious dish I made for dinner last night? Seriously.

Okay, I could probably come up with something to blog about that isn’t quite so boring—maybe something about where I get my story ideas—but I have a limited number of hours each day to devote to writing. Frankly, I’d much rather spend them creating new worlds, characters, and adventures. And judging by the number of people who have taken the time to leave comments on my blog, they just want the sequel to Deadly Remains tout de suite. Spending hours thinking up, writing, and editing blog posts isn’t going to get the sequel out any quicker, that’s for sure. (I do make the time to reply to all blog comments, though.)

However, posting once a year is probably pushing it. So I am going to make an effort to let you guys know what I’m up to with a little more frequency.

At least so you know that I’m still alive and kicking…and typing away. ;-)

Now for my update. I have exciting news. (Well, I think it’s exciting.) The book launch for my latest novel, The 7th Tear, is November 1st!

Let me start by saying this novel is not the sequel to Deadly Remains. Late last year, I took a brief hiatus from writing the sequel in order to participate in the National Novel Writing Month challenge. (If you’re curious about this crazy event, you can check out the NaNoWriMo website.) For the challenge, I decided to write a story based on a vivid dream I had last year. After spending the month of November writing over 50,000 words, I just couldn’t stop thinking about the story. Obsession set in. I had to finish it, adding another 27,000+ words. And then I had to polish, edit, get feedback, edit some more, send it to the copyeditor, and (finally) get it ready for publication. This took many months of hard work, and, yes, I had to take some time away from Lire’s sequel, but hopefully you will agree that it was worth the detour.

Here’s a little taste of what’s coming!

Fairytales suck...

... and Samantha Jennings is living proof. Raised by a mother as wary and bitter as she is beautiful, Samantha has longed for most of her twenty-nine years to know more about her past – who her real father is, who she is. She never imagined her grand revelation would come in the form of a smug tabloid stringer on her doorstep.

In an instant, Samantha is transformed from anonymous veterinarian with a passion for whales to bastard American royalty under relentless scrutiny from every conceivable direction. Desperate for escape, she takes a job nursing rescued sea mammals on a private Caribbean island, a place so remote even maritime navigators barely know it exists. Her new employer is wealthy, charming, fiercely handsome, and his interest in Sam is clearly more than just professional. Happy endings may be in short supply, but she dares to hope that hers could be in the making.

And then Sam overhears a conversation, one not meant for human ears, so unnerving it threatens to undo both her heart and her mind. Her fairytale has only just begun and it's far from the simple fable she thought it was.

This book is a paranormal romance. So, I have to ask—did that come through in the jacket copy?

Now, you might wonder, why November 1st? Why the two month wait? Aside from getting the print version formatted and ready for production, I'm taking the time to send out advance copies to reviewers. As you probably know, word of mouth is a big deal for all authors, but it's especially important for a relatively unknown author with only one other book under her belt. Early reviews will hopefully generate some buzz and help people decide whether or not to invest their free time in my latest release.

Well, that's the latest. I'll keep you posted on how things go. Keep your eyes peeled for November 1st!