I'm not a blogger! (Yet.)

Okay, I admit it.  I am a blogging newb.  Posting my thoughts, discoveries, and questions on-line for everyone to see is, quite honestly, outside my comfort zone.  If it weren't for publishing my novel and trying to generate interest in the thing, my guess is that I'd happily be going about my life contently reading the occasional blog, but never posting on one--never mind actually having one of my own. I had a friend tell me once that I had very well worn paths.  Pretty sure that's still true, but also completely crazy since my husband and I have moved over ten times and lived in four different states in the last fifteen years.  I suppose once I get comfortable with a given place or activities, the tendency is to keep to the status quo.  Maybe getting over my blogging shyness will be one step toward forging a new path, one that will expand my horizons.  Before I know it, blogging will be another experience inside my comfort zone and I'll have to try something else that's new.  Twitter?  Oh noes!