I’ve lost count how many people have told me I’m living a fairytale. Just reading the headlines, I suppose that’s how it might seem:

From veterinarian to debutante. Billionaire’s love child revealed!

But, take my word for it—sometimes fairytales suck.

After twenty-nine years of wondering who my dad was and why my mother refused to talk about him, I never imagined I’d find out from a smug tabloid stringer on my doorstep. In a millisecond, I went from Samantha Jennings, anonymous vet, to bastard American royalty.

So when a wealthy environmentalist offered me a job rehabilitating rescued sea mammals on his private Caribbean island, it seemed like a pretty smart way to escape the gawkers, stalkers, and gold-diggers. But after four months of isolation with only my best friend Joanne and an unusually sociable manatee to keep me sane, I’ve started to wonder if I’ve made a mistake.

Sven is charming enough…polished and shockingly handsome, but he has more bodyguards than a Columbian drug lord, and when we talk, I feel like he’s sizing me up for his next meal. His cousin Kyle, on the other hand, is as blond and easy going as Sven is dark and intense. I have to admit there are times when I have trouble resisting his deep-dimpled smile.

Happy endings might be in short supply, but I was starting to hope that mine might be in the making. But then, one night, I overheard something—a conversation not meant for human ears; one so unnerving it threatens to undo both my heart and my mind. My fairytale has just begun and it’s far from the simple fable I thought it was.