Things could always be worse. I seriously need to stop thinking those words because, lately, they’re like a bad omen. And, between you and me, my life is complicated enough.

It started with the Circle Murder investigation, but even with my front row seat to the serial killer’s horrific crimes, I couldn’t have anticipated the forces those murders would set into motion. Two months ago, I was a clairvoyant who loved antiques and their hidden secrets. Now, though, I find myself saddled with more power than I feel capable of handling, in the middle of a conflict that has raged between worlds for as long as there’s been magic.

For thousands of years, the sidhe held sway on Earth, but that’s changing. Slowly, inexorably, they’re losing touch with our world. And as they draw farther away, the demon lands loom closer. Soon, the hordes will enter our world unfettered. Unless I can find a way to rally the most powerful magic factions of humans and sidhe, everyone and everything I’ve held dear will be lost. Forever.